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Canute was courageous and mentally strong. He was born in a fishing village of Norway. He had been able to build a raft during the deserted island drill to escape due to his experience at the fishing village.


Laocha and Silence greatly enjoyed training sessions. It was pure joy to witness Han who is originally absent of emotion, display such weakness. There wasn't a real reason to rush trying to master the splits, but they were focusing on this for amusement.


Gradually, the youths regained their alertness and crawled out of their incubators. They couldn't manage to stand properly at all. They staggered around and tripped onto the ground.


"Would the higher ups accept this? We saw and trained this student first hand, but all they will care about will be the document report on psychic analysis."


"Reaching Schwartz's level is like reaching for the stars. He's a very difficult opponent for you. What will you do next time I ask you to knock Johnny out?"


"We are on our way towards a deserted island. This island is not too far away from Ark, but I don't suggest attempting to swim back onto Ark. Unless you're happy becoming shark food, that is."

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'You should have noticed by now, that I'm a much more suitable commander than you. You might not wish to admit to it, but it's the truth.'


Instructor Wei had been his weapon martial arts teacher and had no idea about the struggles. He had no idea that Han's situation had been so seriously bad.


Han's psychic control was on another level from usual psykers. The drill instructors were not aware how minute his control could go.


The thirteenth squad had finally recruited the minimum member count and had formally become an official squad.


-I see, I thought you were Chinese or Japanese. I'm not too good at differentiating orientals. I'm not sure if we have Korean food. Don't you all eat rice anyway?


The squad required Kuro's strength in the near future for the battle, and so Han was taught only basic theory of the airbeats and left to his own devices.


Han held three fingers up for Canute. Parts of Canute's body were hollow here and there, but most of his muscles and flesh had managed to regenerate.



Kuro felt a chill at the back of his neck. His eyes shined with blue light. He could foresee the enemy coming this way. His foresight had always been right. Immediate foresight users could only see their immediate future.



The children who didn't think to swim around the island, tried their best to climb rocky cliffs and boulders, but ended up falling and slipping, wasting their energies.


Han felt so drowsy as he walked. The Ark had many complicated facilities and it made the trip in between different courses that much longer.


Han smiled bitterly. Everyone didn't seem to realize that the instructors had purposely set up the situation in this way.

  • Sergeant Red deeply inhaled his cigar and blew it out his mouth. The Elu mage was taken down into Ark's basement.
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