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Han understood what he needed to do now was produce results for Ark. He had been collecting small clues since the beginning to try and understand this place better.


They were the emoticons commonly used on the network by the youths of Ark. Silence was always dressed in all black, and faced others with a cold attitude, and it felt awkward to see Silence use such emoticons.


"I've never been to Korea, but I know that it's a very difficult place to live. I didn't have as tough a time like you, but my family wasn't on the wealthy side either. I lived in the Barcelona slums and our house was nearly falling apart. My mother and father, although poor, loved alcohol and had continued to produce children one after another. I had four siblings. I got news that a new baby was born not too long ago, and so I have five siblings now. It should be obvious why I came here, right?"


Han could win in close combat as long as they were of similar strengths. If he had lost, it was by a small margin, and most of the time it was due to a mistake from his team that had thrown off the flow of the battle.


Han looked at his data bracelet. The screen shook with noise and wouldn't properly function. Everyone else would probably be in the same situation. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


He continued walking and found himself at the storehouse. There were several helicopters on standby. The soldiers were in the middle of moving supplies into the storehouse.

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"It will be good if you can land safely, however, in unexpected situations make do by landing in water or on the beach! I wish you luck young brats!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"Welcome to class D. I'm the class president, Jose. Just call me President, or just Jose is fine."


Kuro discovered Simon in the airbeat training center. Simon was by himself practicing his control with the airbeat. Simon glanced at Kuro.


"I've heard his name before." Laocha easily ran through Johnny's profile from memory. He patted Han's back.


After a month since Han was transferred to third year, he received a message on his data bracelet. Han stared into his data bracelet rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing things.


"You will always find an optimum striking point against all opponents. You need to use your knees to attack, but instead of your leg, you're using your hips. Well, it will be hard to understand with just an explanation. You should learn by practicing it with your body. Your muscles are more than strong enough now. Even if you stop your old habits, your attacks will be more than strong enough. Rather than blindly attacking with the most strength you can muster, it's more important to focus your attack into a single point."


Han felt like there was something amiss with Silence's common sense. Han had only watched a handful of weekend movies on TV from his time at the orphanage. However, he had enough sense to realize that movies and actual life were vastly different.



Inspector Rue continued to take note of Squad 13 as battle ensued. His keen eyes caught the smallest details and changes in his surroundings.



"Yes, we are on our way to Sinuiju right now. Our research department traced the remnants of whatever attacked our planes, and found that it should have been from a source one kilometer away from the dimensional crack. We speculate that it had been an Elu mage. We will capture the Elu mage alive and return to Ark."


The shotgun blasted in succession causing the air vent to sink lower. Canute faltered forward at a place where the enemies immediately noticed.


It was common place to find superiors randomly killed while in battle. It didn't matter how many subordinates one obtained through an institution, only strong commanders could obtain the trust and obedience of their subordinates.

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